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GET FUSE CErtified

Complete all five modules to become Fuse Certified. The certification signifies that you are educated in the five Focus Areas and can act as an informed, empowered bystander.

As a Fuse certified individual, you can be the source of information and connector to local resources in your home, workplace, organization, or community.

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The Fuse Radicalization Toolkit consists of interactive modules designed to inform you in the Five Focus Areas for Radicalization Prevention:

Identifying radicalization, identifying bias, white supremacist ideology, digital literacy, deradicalization. 



Learn the process of radicalization to extremism, how to identify signs of radicalization, and steps to take if someone you love is becoming radicalized.

bias & othering

Learn how to identify and mitigate bias and othering which are at the heart of extremist ideologies, and learn communication strategies for intervening in bias scenarios.

white supremacy

Learn what white supremacy really means, discover its impact on society, and identify active extremist groups. Gain action steps you can take to counter white supremacist narratives.


Learn how and why misinformation spreads and the harmful effects it has on society and the individual. Gain knowledge and skills to enhance your digital literacy and prevent the spread of misinformation and disinformation.


Learn the reasons why people leave extremist groups, the processes of deradicalization and disengagement, and how family members, friends, and communities can help with this process.


break down 
tough topics

The Fuse Toolkit provides key concepts, terminology, and action steps you need to become informed and engaged.

Each module includes an episode of The Fuse Podcast and carefully curated videos and resources from organizations working to counter extremism, radicalization, and white supremacy.

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