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The Fuse

Community, Conversation & Connection

Season 2 is now available. Join us as we explore today's most polarizing topics and chat about strategies for navigating them effectively. With episodes covering subjects like fleeing a war-torn country, still feeling leftover isolation from the pandemic, and how to talk about gender-diversity without sounding like an idiot - the Fuse podcast dives into issues we know we're all thinking about but are often too afraid to discuss. 

Season 2 - All episodes now available

“Growing up in Yemen - the norm was hard and tough. And so, when I was faced with problems here, you know... What's the worst that can happen?"

Mohammed Jubary
S2.E1 - From Yemen to Missouri

Can't get enough? Check out the archive for all episodes:

"Season 1" of the Fuse podcast was produced by Missouri State University's Ad Team: an academic student group dedicated to creating impactful projects that offer marketing-adjacent experiences. The views and opinions expressed in Seasons 1 and 2 of the Fuse podcast do not necessarily represent the views and opinions of Missouri State University or the Department of Homeland Security.

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