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A game of conversations.

Fuse cards are a series of conversational prompts. They are based on three principles: listen, learn, acknowledge. If you're looking for a way to talk about difficult subjects in a simple, structured way, these cards can help.

Take a look at a few of the cards from the deck:

Get the
digital version.

Download a PDF file that comes with high-quality images of all cards in the deck. Start playing now. Perfect for classrooms, presentations, and more.


The game contains:

36 cards

Stacked deck

36 cards. 36 unique opportunities for discussion and connection. Each card is a new chance to connect with a friend, stranger, classmate, teacher - anyone and everyone. 

4 suits

9 cards per suit

Cards are arranged in suits of nine, with visible icons (diamond, circle, square, and triangle - like a traditional playing card deck - to allow customizability, organization, and identification. And it also just looks cool. 

3 levels

12 cards per level

Cards can certainly be used randomly, but the real magic comes from "leveling up" in order of difficulty. Each level of card asks a deeper, more detailed question that asks us to challenge our understanding and potential biases. 

6 intro cards

Instructions included

Each deck (or the beginning slides of the digital version) has a set of instructions and details. The cards are designed to be played however players feel most comfortable, but if you want the true-Fuse experience, the intro cards can get you started. 

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