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though evoking

Designed to create a safe environment for players to let down their walls, share personal experiences, and connect on a deeper level. Fuse cards foster self-reflection through thought-provoking questions.

how to play

There are three levels of conversation. Work your way through each level and learn to spark connection through conversation.

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Start off getting to know one another. The first questions are designed to help player(s) grow more comfortable with one another as they discover more about one another. 

Image by Brooke Cagle

I normally don’t bring up these touchy topics with friends because I’m afraid, but this game made it easy to discuss them in a productive way.


Image by Jarritos Mexican Soda

the power of conversation

Derek Black is a former American white supremacist and godson of former Ku Klux Klan Grand Wizard David Duke. He publicly renounced white supremacy and wrote about his journey away from his family’s beliefs. He credits his conversion to the conversations he had with Jewish friends in college and the compassion they showed him after being ostracized by the rest of the university community.

Many former white supremacists say the reason they left movement was because someone outside their group showed them compassion. While confrontation with facts is often unsuccessful for countering the “Us vs. Them” narrative held by white supremacists,
conversation and human connection with someone who is different can be extremely effective.

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